What I learned about food from a 2-year-old

What I learned about food from a 2-year-old

My 2-year-old nephew loves to eat. He enjoys good, whole food. He’s the only toddler that I know of that loves brussels sprouts and affectionately refers to hummus as “dip”.   He enjoys a good stir fry, preferring veggies and chicken sausage to grilled cheese. While he loves fruits and veggies, he loves donuts as well. The way he lovingly looks at a donut is the same way he’ll look at strawberries or apples. He knows how to balance his love for healthy foods with the occasional donut.


My nephew and the donuts- a love story

When he eats tomatoes, bacon or vegetables, he smiles. He coos, closes his eyes and laughs, savoring every bite until he’s full. I remember a time when I was feeding him yogurt, he didn’t finish what was in the cup. It wasn’t that big of a serving, but he knew when he was full and stopped. Someone who loves food, but knew when to stop when he was full; I was jealous.

I use food as a coping mechanism, an emotional outlet. I know, I know- not good. As part of my journey, I’m learning to not lean on food. To enjoy it for what it’s worth- something that nourishes me, but does not complete me. I’m learning to listen to my body, know when I’m full and not be a part of the “clean plate club.”  My nephew has a wonderful relationship with food and I look forward to following in his tiny footsteps while on this new path in my life.

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