Week 3 of the 30 Day Challenge

Week 3 of the 30 Day Challenge

I’m down another pound this week (5 total so far!) My changes weren’t too big this week, but there’s one that I did not participate in. Read more to find out which one I did not do and what I did instead!

June 18th: Don’t Eat More than Three Servings of Food with More than 5 ingredients

                My husband and I became label readers while visiting with a dietitian last year.  I’ve read Michael Pollen’s Food Rules, so I’m familiar with the “don’t eat foods with more than 5 ingredients” rule.  If your grandmother has never heard of it (I’m looking at you, fruit rollups) and a third grader can’t pronounce it (disodium guanylate?) than don’t eat it.

We’ve been sticking to omelets with veggies, fruit, nuts, hard cheese with Triscuit crackers as some of the foods we eat. Dinner is a protein (usually chicken, pork or beef with seasonings) and veggies seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper. For some time now, I only shop on the perimeter of the grocery store where you’ll find the produce, meat and dairy. The only processed food I buy are Triscuit crackers. The ingredients in Triscuit crackers are as follows:  whole grain wheat, vegetable oil, and sea salt.  I don’t buy pretzels anymore, so having a few Triscuit crackers paired with some hard cheese satisfies my crunchy food need.

I recently made homemade ice cream with my nephews and it was the best vanilla ice cream I had ever tasted. I will definitely make that again, especially since it’s made with ingredients I can pronounce.

Jenna states in her book that if a food has more than 5 ingredients, you can enjoy ONE serving of that food, but that’s it. She’s not a monster!  It’s hard to avoid foods that have more than 5 ingredients nowadays. We try our best, but sometimes you just want a fruit roll up! Having a food journal has helped to keep me on track, as I can look back on the last 18 days and see that I’ve been making healthy food choices. I just don’t beat myself up too bad if I don’t make a good choice.


June 19th: Eat Something Smart Before and After Every Workout

                I don’t start eating until 11:00, but I start working out around 9:00 or 10:00.  I’ve recently decided to try intermittent fasting where I only eat between the hours of 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.  Since I walk as my first workout of the day, I make sure I drink plenty of water (including my 20 sips as soon as I wake up, thanks to change #1) and at 11:00, I’ll have lunch when I get home. After a half hour, I’ll do my vigorous workouts, like my circuits, strength training or kick boxing.  Post work out, I’ll have a snack of a piece of fruit and a string cheese with some nuts.  Dinner is at 6 and then I’m done eating for the day.

Jenna drives home that point that your body is a machine. You need to fuel it properly so it can do work.  In her book, she gives some great suggestions of what to eat pre-and post-workout. They range from simple (fruit and cheese) to takes a little work (chicken breast with avocado and whole wheat pasta). Another important tip: don’t wait longer than thirty minutes to eat post-workout and don’t assume you can eat back what you burned.

June 20th: Make at Least Three Everyday Activities More Challenging

  1. I do squats as I empty the dishwasher or washing machine
  2. I do hip raises, squats, upper cuts and knee kicks during commercials
  3. I park the farther away from the door at stores

These three everyday activities have helped me to incorporate movement in ways I didn’t really think mattered. However, realizing that movement of any kind (like walking your house to get extra steps on your pedometer) helps to keep you healthy.

June 21st: Make an “I Will Do” List and Stick to It

My cute to-do list from            Shutterfly

                The goal here is to prioritize certain things over others on your to-do list. Work shouldn’t always be at the top and gym shouldn’t always be at the bottom. It’s not about having a list that is too long to do, it’s about prioritizing.  To do this, make a to-do list and a should-do list. Take 2 things

from your should-do list and put them on your to-do list. This way, you won’t be overwhelmed but you will feel in control of getting some things checked off your list.






June 22nd: Eat Something Every Two to Three Hours

Dietitians love the “small meals throughout the day” setup. They want you to eat something every few others so you don’t feel hungry and feel deprived. I used to go along with this but not anymore.

As previously mentioned, I’ve recently started doing intermittent fasting where I only eat between the hours of 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. I have 8 hours of eating and 16 hours of fasting (most of which I’m sleeping through.)  I’m still learning the ins and outs of intermittent fasting and how it can help in my weight loss journey. I currently do not have any medical needs that stipulate that I need to eat during certain times of the day.  I don’t feel hungry when I first wake up, so eating at 11:00 is okay with me.  I do not go to bed starving, either. By balancing my meals and making sure I have a protein, complex carb and some sort of healthy fat, I’m feeling good about my food choices and intermittent fasting.

So, this was the one change that I did not do and I do not personally agree with. However, everyone is different and needs to figure out what works for you. Eating every two to three hours did not work for me, but it may work for you.  In her book, Jenna gives some great examples of different types of foods and meals, which I did try, but I kept them between the hours of 11 and 7. ?

June 23rd:  Rethink What You Drink

I’m not much of a soda drinker, but I do buy sweetened iced tea (Pure Leaf Raspberry Tea is my favorite!) However, when I started to watch my calories more carefully, I didn’t want those precious calories to go to beverages. I drink Green Tea when I wake up and water the rest of the day. I’ll flavor my water with lemon or mint. When I go out to eat, I’ll order water only. Occasionally, I’ll drink a Ginger Ale (like at my mom’s house) but I always have my trusty water bottle with me. I’m currently trying to conceive, so I’m avoiding caffeine and alcohol now.  I miss my coffee so much, but know it’s for the best now.

I’m in the home stretch! One more week until the month ends and my 30-day challenge is complete! Find out next week how my final week goes and my thoughts on the Thinner in 30 challenge!


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