Goal for 2017: Water, Water and More Water

Goal for 2017: Water, Water and More Water

Water has many health benefits. Drinking water helps with weight loss, keeps your skin hydrated, helps your kidneys and flushes out toxins in the body. I try to drink a glass before dinner to help with feeling full, but I’m not drinking the amount of water I need to help with the above-mentioned benefits.  One of my goals in this healthy journey is to up my water intake. I feel like this is a good place to start in terms of a “new year’s resolution”. It’s simple and not hard to incorporate into my daily life since I have to drink anyway.

So along with eating more fruits and vegetables to help with water intake, here are 5 things that I’m doing to help with this goal.

1.Invest in a good water bottle

My sister bought a stainless-steel water bottle last year and was very impressed with how it kept water cold. It even keeps your ice from melting! I was hooked and invested in one of my own. I even bought one for my mom, brother and husband. I’m trying to avoid plastics in my life, so this was a great place to start.


2. Bring above mentioned water bottle EVERYWHERE

While the water bottle is bulky, I still take it with me everywhere I go.  This helps with thirst and I get those extra sips in when I’m waiting at a red light, a waiting room or a red light.

My water bottle tagging along with me at T.J. Maxx


3. Add some favor

Whether you take your water plain or need something to add to the taste, make it to your liking. I personally like to add some oranges to my water, but these only last a day and need to be changed daily. I made the mistake of leaving them in overnight and a haunting aroma of fermentation greeted me when I opened my water bottle. Lemons, on the other hand, can be left for up to a week before needing to be changed. This is me personally, you can change them whenever you like.  I’ve done a cucumber/mint combo one time and another time I added strawberries. You could strain the strawberries, but I just toss them in my water bottle.

4. Mindlessly Drink

When watching television, I started to drink during commercials. My hope is that it just becomes a habit once I start doing this more.  Whenever I sit down to watch a show, I make sure I have a glass of ice water with me.

5. Use an app to set reminders

From Plant Nanny to Aqualert, there are plenty of free apps to help with reminding you to drink your H2O. I’ve installed these types of apps before but I would ignore the reminders. Oh, free choice, what a double-edged sword you can be! I’m going to try again this year and see what happens! Other than my hubby reminding me to drink, an app couldn’t hurt with my goal for 2017!


What are some ways that you incorporate water into your daily life?

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