Thankful November-Days 4 & 5

Thankful November-Days 4 & 5


Weekends and Self-Care

Yesterday was a busy day, so I missed out on posting my Day 4 for Thankful November. So, I decided to combine the two into something I’m doubly thankful for: the weekend!

I love my job, but there’s just something about not setting an alarm that makes me super thankful.

Also, because I’m dealing with PTSD, I need time to myself where I can recover.  My mind is constantly on, even at night, so it’s nice to be able to partake in some self-care. Healing my body and mind through self-care helps me to positively deal with PTSD. The weekend is the perfect time for me to rely on my healthy coping skills, like reading, cleaning and yes, naps! I’ll also write, draw or catch up on Netflix shows. I’m also trying meditation, so it’s a great time to practice this skill.  Depending on the week, I’ll make plans with friends, my husband or family.

Yesterday my husband and I attended an 80s themed birthday party and today I’m watching Stranger Things (I’m new to the craze) and enjoying one of my favorite snacks- popcorn.  I also got some grading done and caught up on some reading (I highly recommend Anna Faris’ Unqualified). I had a fun and relaxing weekend and I’m ready to take on the week ahead of me.


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