Thankful November: Days 10-13

Thankful November: Days 10-13

I had a busy weekend with family, which is one important thing I am thankful for, and not just in November.  Since my weekend consisted of a whole lot of time with my siblings, I made them what I was thankful for these past few days.

I’ve always had a close bond with my siblings growing up. They were my built-in playmates (and “students”, as I forced them to play school with me almost daily in the 90’s). Of course, we had our fair share of arguments, but we were always there for each other because we had to be when we were younger. Now that we are older, it’s because we want to be there for each other.

I honestly don’t understand people who aren’t close to their siblings (especially as you grow older and wiser) but there are some who don’t understand why I am close to my siblings when I’m no longer bound to them in the same house. My sister (who now lives 3 hours away) has a family of her own, my husband and I are working on our family and business and my brother is deciding the next chapter in his life. Yet, we were the only ones who knew/understood what went on in our household, the good and the bad. My brother and sister are the only two people who I can say “remember when…” and they can add details that I might have missed. Each of us had the same and sometimes different perspectives on events in our childhood. It’s nice to reminisce and process events that occurred in the past while looking forward to see just how far we have come.

I know some people who feel they are in constant competition with their siblings. I’ve never felt that way in adulthood. I’m proud of the things my siblings have accomplished and the adults they have become. I’m honored to know them as not just my siblings, but as human beings.

Wondering why the people in the cars are not saying hi back…

On Friday, my mom, siblings and I met half way for dinner and to see the stand up comedian Sebastian Maniscalco (who I highly recommend seeing live). While I love my husband, nephews and brother in law, it was nice to experience an evening with just the four of us, something that hasn’t happened in almost ten years. Today, we had breakfast together before heading back home. My younger nephew joined us and made the meal so much more fun (who doesn’t love a 3 year old yelling “hi” through the window to the cars that pass by).

I have three younger cousins who are close to each other. During my summers off from teaching, I had the pleasure of babysitting them when they were young, seeing firsthand how they interacted and looked out for each other. As I watch them grow, I see how close they still are now and how they take care of each other. It closely mimics my siblings and I and it’s a wonderful bond to have as you set off into adulthood.

When my sister gave birth to her second son, I was so excited that my older nephew had a younger brother to play and grow up with. My friend is going to have her second daughter in March and I’m also excited for her older daughter to have a sister to share experiences in in this world.

It’s rare nowadays to get my siblings and I in the same room. That’s what made this weekend special.  Yet, we are in close contact each day thanks to technology. We text each other just about everyday, from random stuff to important details in the GroupMe app.  There’s never a day I don’t hear from them, which makes up (sort of) for not being able to see each other more often.

Siblings are gifts and I’m truly thankful I received the brother and sister that I did.

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