Thankful November- Day 7

Thankful November- Day 7

Thankful November- Day 7

Today was one of those days…and it’s only Tuesday.

I didn’t sleep well last night, so the thought of coming home and napping seemed delightful. I have baskets in just about every room in my house, filled with soft blankets, ready to be used for a light sleep session.

After running some errands, I was greeted by my pillow and blanket (as well as my husband) when I arrived home.  I took a 30-minute nap, and that’s all I needed to help rest my mind and body.

Naps are magical, and they are one thing I am thankful for, especially with the colder weather now upon us!

I don’t even bother to put my pillow and blanket away when the temp drops below 50.

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