Thankful November- Day 6

Thankful November- Day 6

Last night, I prepped my veggies and fruit for the week. I don’t always do this each week, but when I do I’m thankful because it makes the week go by much smoother! I can easily pull some carrot sticks for my lunch and add some broccoli to my omelets.

My husband and I sit down each week and make a list of meals we want for the week. When meat is on sale, I buy in bulk and use my food saver to preportion the meat for meals throughout the month. The food saver is great because it vacuum seals the bag, making it easier to store more items in the freezer. I just did this last week, so we are good on meat for a while, especially since we are trying to focus more on meatless meals.

For fruits and veggies, I buy what’s in season. I don’t just do this for the cost benefits, but because fruit that is in season tastes so much better, in my opinion. I’m spoiled when it comes to fruit because I live close to an orchard that grows berries in the summer and has apples ready to be picked in the fall. I can taste the difference between grocery store berries and orchard berries, so when the weather starts getting colder, I opt for apples and oranges. I also opt for frozen vegetables in the fall since we don’t have too many options for fresh local veggies.

I’m thankful for the time I take to meal prep, so I have healthy food choices ready to go in our refrigerator.  It makes me feel more in control and it’s a great way to start the week!

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