Thankful November-Day 3

Thankful November-Day 3

Ah, coloring!

There’s just something about a fresh pack of crayons and a coloring book to bring out the inner kid (and a sense of calmness) to your life.

Growing up, my mom always bought us new crayons and coloring books before we headed off for our annual summer vacation to Canada. The lodge where we stayed was not super kid friendly, so my mom always packed activities to help keep us occupied. I couldn’t wait to crack open a new pack of crayons and get started on my master pieces!

When I taught Kindergarten, I would occasionally stop what I was doing and color with the kids. Sometimes I told them we were in a coloring contest to see who could stay in the lines better- me or them. This was mainly to stop some of them from scribbling and it often worked! Other times, I just needed a break and mindlessly coloring amid the giggles from 5-year-olds (my teacher is sitting next to me! And she’s coloring!) helped tremendously. I currently teach second graders and I sometimes let them color on the back of their test papers when they are finished, which is something they enjoy.

My young nephews love to color and it’s awesome to see them get excited about coloring like I did as a kid.  Replenishing their craft supplies has been a great gift to them for birthdays and holidays as well.  Seeing the concentration my three-year-old nephew has when he’s coloring is such a joy to witness.

A few years ago, I discovered the adult coloring book. I picked one up at a craft store and I’ve been hooked ever since. When I have too much on my mind, or negative/sad thoughts creep in, I pull out these books and my 64 pack of crayons and have at it. I like to call it “crayon meditation” since I haven’t quite mastered regular meditation at this moment.  I also color in kid coloring books from time to time. It’s a wonderful way to remember a good childhood memory (plus, adult coloring books are made more for color pencils and sometimes, I just want to use a crayon!)

I’m grateful for the good memories of coloring I’ve had since childhood. I’m grateful to see that kids still enjoy coloring, even with the advances of technology. And, I’m grateful that I can count on coloring as a great coping skill when adulting becomes too much.


“Jim, come take a picture of me coloring!”

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