Thankful November- Day 2

Thankful November- Day 2

Over the summer, I made a gynecology appointment due to my normally regular period being absent for a few months. After an ultrasound and some testing done on my husband’s end, we were told to get a second opinion from a new fertility specialist. The absent period was probably PCOS related, so she wanted me to see someone who dealt with menstrual cycle issues, PCOS and infertility since there was nothing else she could do for me in her office. Then, in September, I had a period that lasted two weeks. I needed this appointment more than ever!

Luckily, our insurance partially covered a specialist (just the visit- nothing else) at a different hospital, about an hour away from our home.  We sat with this new doctor for about 45 minutes, going over my files from my OBGYN and my previous fertility specialist, who suggested that we move onto IVF if our IUI failed in February (which it did.) We didn’t go back to that specialist because I believed deep down that I didn’t need IVF to start our family. I was having a period, I was ovulating. I just needed to pinpoint when it was happening.  The idea of a second opinion was encouraging to my husband and me.

After reviewing my files and doing an ultrasound, our new doctor stated she did not believe we were candidates for IVF.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

My initial gut feeling of not needing IVF was confirmed.

She went on to explain that my blood work was normal except that my vitamin D level was low. Other than that, my ultrasound looked “good for someone with PCOS” and to work on losing some weight to help with the PCOS symptoms. Not a ton of weight, just some so that my period becomes regular again.  She also said that I was young when it came to pregnancy, so there was no need to be concerned about turning 35 in March.  If we did need treatment from her, it might just be a course of fertility drugs with blood work and ultrasounds. We would pay out of pocket, but not the tens of thousands we would pay for IVF.

Today, I received a follow up call from my doctor to review genetic testing that we had done. It was nice to be able to have my doctor personally call me instead of getting the information from a nurse who is just reading the notes left by the doctor and unable to answer my questions.

I’m grateful this doctor took the time to explain my test results and shed new light on PCOS.

I’m grateful this doctor checked my vitamin D levels. No other doctor has ever checked this.  Low vitamin D levels has been linked to infertility.

I’m grateful she reduced my metformin dosage because my bloodwork shows I don’t need such a high dosage in the first place.

I’m grateful for the personal phone calls from this doctor, explaining my tests and blood work.

I’m grateful my doctor is not pushing us to spend money to have a baby.

I’m looking forward to our follow up appointment early next year and the hope that she gave us about starting a family. If we do need to move forward with fertility drugs, so be it.

It’s nice to be given the gift of hope.

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