Thankful November – Day 1

Thankful November – Day 1

Holidays can be a challenging time of the year for me, especially when trying to conceive. I love holidays, the traditions they hold, and the time spent with family. I love to decorate our home for Christmas (my biggest collection of holiday items AND we live near a Christmas tree farm!)  but it’s a reminder that another holiday season/year goes by and we are still childless.  Also, I’m not built for wintry weather. I do not like snow, I do not like cold. I am warm weather all the way! However, I live in Ohio, so summer year-round is not an option for me.

What happens when you can’t change the things around you? You change the way you think of those things.

To get my mind to focus on the positive, I’m going to post one thing each day that I am grateful for to have in my life.  I tend to soak in negative things/vibes rather quickly, so switching the focus to the positive is something I need practice with.

So why not try it for 30 days!  ?

Today, I’m grateful for books! I LOVE to read, and fall/winter is the best time to cozy up with an enjoyable book. I keep this basket of books in our living room (as well as a stack on my night stand) to help organize the vast number of books I check out at the library at any given time! I spent this rainy November evening on my couch, reading books and I was at peace.

Combining two of the things I love, books and baskets.

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