Road Trip Prep

Road Trip Prep

In a few days, I’m heading to the beach for vacation! I firmly believe the beach and ocean have magical healing powers.

Growing up, my mom would start to prepare for vacations weeks in advance. She would make a list of what to take, help us pack our belongings and then make all of it fit in the van. I am a planner and organizer by nature (being a teacher and the oldest child helps, too) so I follow in my mom’s footsteps and start weeks in advance in prepping. Plus, this gets me even more excited for leaving for vay-kay. 

Here’s What I Normally Do While Preparing for Vacation:

  • 3 weeks before leaving: I start making my list of items to take with us.
  • 2 weeks before leaving: I do inventory of supplies we already have
  • 1 week before leaving: I buy whatever supplies we need for the trip. This usually means replacing expired sunscreen.
  • Few days before vacation: get a pedicure, pack our belongings, use up everything in the refrigerator for meals
  • Day before vacation: start packing the car, realize I overpacked (miraculously my husband can make it all fit), clean the house so we come back home to neatness, get too excited to sleep
  • Day of vacation: wake up at 4:30 a.m., kick myself for not falling asleep sooner, miss my bed and stay wide awake in the car (unless I’m driving, then I get super drowsy)
Our spare bedroom a week before we leave

While on vacation, I am all about getting to the destination as soon as possible, especially if it’s a beach. We will stop for the occasional bathroom/stretching break, but since it’s just us adults on this road trip, we are able to drive straight through.  Also, I’m not a fan of fast food, so the other option is to pack food to take along with us.

So, with a ten-hour trip ahead of us, I’m packing some healthy and easy to eat food to help speed up the process of getting from point A to point Beach!


Here’s what I’m packing:

  • Apples
  • Blueberries
  • Tortilla roll ups with ham and chicken with cucumbers, cheese and mustard
  • Individual snacks from Graze
  • Our stainless-steel water bottles


Ok! I’m off to the grocery store for supplies!

How do you prepare for a vacation?

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