Christmas Time, the best time?

Christmas Time, the best time?

Christmas time. It’s a holiday that brings up many emotions for me. Growing up, my mom always made sure this time of the year was special. Going to a local parking lot to choose a tree (life in the city ha ha) and bringing it home to decorate was a fun memory. My mom would make hot chocolate and we would eat cookies we had made earlier in the day.  I found out Santa wasn’t real at a very young age due to an older cousin who was bitter that she found out the truth, so she set out to ruin it for me and my sister. My mom was devastated that we no longer believed, especially since she had many years to go along with the fantasy. When we were older, we agreed that we would keep up the charade with my younger brother, who blissfully believed for many years to come.

As I grew up and more aware of the chaos I was being raised in, I tried to cling to traditions as much as possible. This is difficult when you have no idea what mood your father was going to be in. I couldn’t wait to have my own family to do Christmas things with, making my own traditions under much calmer circumstances.

My husband and I have a few traditions of our own. We purchase a Christmas tree from a local tree farm (or put up an artificial one, like we did this year) the day after Thanksgiving, listening to Christmas music as we decorate. We also drive around looking at Christmas lights while drinking hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music. We hope to continue these traditions when we bring children into our family, as well as add some as we go along.

What are some Christmas traditions you have with your family?

2013-cutting down our first Christmas tree as newlyweds. This was just for the photo op. My hubs did the cutting!


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