Goals Almost There

Almost There

  My site looks different, but the content is the same (and expanding!) A few weeks ago, I was debating what to do with my blog. It’s something I really like to do, but felt limited by the semi healthy housewife name.  Last year around this time, I wracked my brain to come up with …

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Goals Saturdays


Saturdays mean different things to different people. Starting in August, it means a weekend of football to my husband. To the Monday-Friday working crowd, it means sleeping in, catching up with friends, family, Netflix and enjoying the city they live in. To parents, it means it’s just another day (according to the memes and stories …

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Fitness 30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge

I highly suspect some people contact me on social media due to my size. I can’t be certain, but after a few conversations of “hey, how have you been” or “what’s new with you” things turn to “hey, you want to work on your fat ass with my (fill in the blank) program?” Okay, so …

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Goals 34 and Here’s to Many More

34 and Here’s to Many More

Today, I turned 34. I don’t feel 34 and I don’t think I look 34. To be honest, I don’t know what 34 should look like or feel like.  I just know I’m a year older and semi wiser. I’m totally okay with that. I was always excited when it was my birthday. Growing up, …

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Goals What I learned about food from a 2-year-old

What I learned about food from a 2-year-old

My 2-year-old nephew loves to eat. He enjoys good, whole food. He’s the only toddler that I know of that loves brussels sprouts and affectionately refers to hummus as “dip”.   He enjoys a good stir fry, preferring veggies and chicken sausage to grilled cheese. While he loves fruits and veggies, he loves donuts as well. …

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Goals Goal for 2017: Water, Water and More Water

Goal for 2017: Water, Water and More Water

Water has many health benefits. Drinking water helps with weight loss, keeps your skin hydrated, helps your kidneys and flushes out toxins in the body. I try to drink a glass before dinner to help with feeling full, but I’m not drinking the amount of water I need to help with the above-mentioned benefits.  One …

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Goals New beginnings

New beginnings

I’m looking forward to focusing on writing and taking care of myself in the upcoming year. I decided to document my journey for two reasons. The first reason is to hold me accountable. If I must do something, writing about it or taking pictures helps me. I’m more likely to stay with it if I …

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