Health Tips 60 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care

60 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care

The picture above was sent to me a few months ago by my sister. It’s of my young nephew inside his cubby at school. His teacher sent the picture to my sister and she knew what it meant. This picture says 1,000 words- two of those words being “not today.” We’ve all had those days. …

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Goals Almost There

Almost There

  My site looks different, but the content is the same (and expanding!) A few weeks ago, I was debating what to do with my blog. It’s something I really like to do, but felt limited by the semi healthy housewife name.  Last year around this time, I wracked my brain to come up with …

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Marriage Thankful November Day 30

Thankful November Day 30

  I end my month of thankfulness with something I’m eternally thankful for: my husband, Jim. I’ll start off with this thought: marriage is HARD.  While I always wanted to get married, I must admit that I had the idealized vision of marriage. The Hollywood version, if you will. I didn’t really have marriage role …

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