Mental Health Issues Thankful November Day 22

Thankful November Day 22

“I’m not making a decision until I talk to Theresa,” I stated definitively to my husband as I stood in the kitchen, feet firmly planted on the ground, arms tightly crossed against my body. “You can’t let your therapist make decisions for you,” he told me. We had an argument and I wasn’t quite sure …

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Showing Gratitude Thankful November Day 16

Thankful November Day 16

Alone Time I love spending time with my husband, family and friends. It’s great to catch up, have a few laughs and have great discussions. Nevertheless, I need my alone time. I crave it. Time spent alone helps me to recover from my day at work, as well as to focus on my interests. I …

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Uncategorized Thankful November: Days 10-13

Thankful November: Days 10-13

I had a busy weekend with family, which is one important thing I am thankful for, and not just in November.  Since my weekend consisted of a whole lot of time with my siblings, I made them what I was thankful for these past few days. I’ve always had a close bond with my siblings …

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Showing Gratitude Thankful November- Day 7

Thankful November- Day 7

Thankful November- Day 7 Today was one of those days…and it’s only Tuesday. I didn’t sleep well last night, so the thought of coming home and napping seemed delightful. I have baskets in just about every room in my house, filled with soft blankets, ready to be used for a light sleep session. After running …

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Uncategorized Thankful November- Day 6

Thankful November- Day 6

Last night, I prepped my veggies and fruit for the week. I don’t always do this each week, but when I do I’m thankful because it makes the week go by much smoother! I can easily pull some carrot sticks for my lunch and add some broccoli to my omelets. My husband and I sit …

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Showing Gratitude Thankful November-Days 4 & 5

Thankful November-Days 4 & 5

  Weekends and Self-Care Yesterday was a busy day, so I missed out on posting my Day 4 for Thankful November. So, I decided to combine the two into something I’m doubly thankful for: the weekend! I love my job, but there’s just something about not setting an alarm that makes me super thankful. Theresa

Showing Gratitude Thankful November-Day 3

Thankful November-Day 3

Ah, coloring! There’s just something about a fresh pack of crayons and a coloring book to bring out the inner kid (and a sense of calmness) to your life. Growing up, my mom always bought us new crayons and coloring books before we headed off for our annual summer vacation to Canada. The lodge where …

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Showing Gratitude Thankful November- Day 2

Thankful November- Day 2

Over the summer, I made a gynecology appointment due to my normally regular period being absent for a few months. After an ultrasound and some testing done on my husband’s end, we were told to get a second opinion from a new fertility specialist. The absent period was probably PCOS related, so she wanted me …

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Showing Gratitude Thankful November – Day 1

Thankful November – Day 1

Holidays can be a challenging time of the year for me, especially when trying to conceive. I love holidays, the traditions they hold, and the time spent with family. I love to decorate our home for Christmas (my biggest collection of holiday items AND we live near a Christmas tree farm!)  but it’s a reminder …

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