Home Lessons from a 6 year old

Lessons from a 6 year old

Yesterday, the first nephew/grandson in our family turned 6. My nephew is one of the funniest kids I know. I’m not just saying that because I have to-he’s legit hilarious. He’s a mini adult in a child body. He’s also the definition of strong willed. Sam was born a leader and has taught me a …

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Home Christmas Time, the best time?

Christmas Time, the best time?

Christmas time. It’s a holiday that brings up many emotions for me. Growing up, my mom always made sure this time of the year was special. Going to a local parking lot to choose a tree (life in the city ha ha) and bringing it home to decorate was a fun memory. My mom would …

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Goals New beginnings

New beginnings

I’m looking forward to focusing on writing and taking care of myself in the upcoming year. I decided to document my journey for two reasons. The first reason is to hold me accountable. If I must do something, writing about it or taking pictures helps me. I’m more likely to stay with it if I …

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